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Next Steps in Responsive Design

Last week I was lucky enough to be the opening online speaker on Day 2 of the CSS Summit run and managed by Christopher Schmitt and Ari Styles from Environment for Humans.

It was really enjoyable and even though I was really nervous I think everything went to plan. It was supposed to be 45 minutes long with 10-15 minutes of questions but I managed to stretch it all the way to 60 minutes… albeit having to speed up a little towards the end. To be honest I could have spaced it out to be two hours, but then no one wants to hear someone drone on for that long ;)

You can flick through the slides below, they were based upon an article I wrote for Net Magazine that has recently been posted their Creative Bloq.

Next Steps in Responsive Design from Justin Avery

There were some lovely tweets from folks that watched it so at least a few people enjoyed it.

I’m going to be speaking at MobXConf in Berlin in September and a yet-to-be-confirmed-but-would-be-awesome conference in the US in October… more about that one hopefully later.

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