Surf the Dream A discourse of links and articles from Justin Avery

Mysource Matrix Demo System

The Surf the Dream site started out as a blogspot blog in 2005 but was moved over to a Mysource Matrix site when I started with Squiz UK in November 2007.

It started as a basic site with just 4 standard pages, but quick evolved to include

  • Asset Listings
  • Contact Form
  • Video Listings
  • Image Listings
  • Paint Layouts
  • Video Player
  • Blog
  • Enabled/Disabled Commenting
  • Dynamic Home Page Feed
  • Home Page Video Feature
  • Google Site Map
  • Google Video Map
  • Tag Clouds
  • Redirect Pages
  • Podcast Listings
  • Mashable Remote Content Pages
  • Image Gallery
  • Front End Video/Image uploading
  • Front End Page Creation
  • Simple Edit Interface for Blogs and Videos

As part of the ongoing work on this site there is still to come;

  • Post Roll Advertising on Videos
  • Improved Simple Edit for Related Asset Tagging
  • Multiple Designs
  • Multi-category Image Gallery
  • Server Side Javascript pulling news/vimeo/flickr feeds

If you want to see any other functionality features on the site please leave a comment below…. I’ll make sure I enable them.

Surf the Dream is a blog that has been running since the mid 2000's when it started on BlogSpot. Over the years it's been rebranded as (now my resume) and (which now redirects back to this site).

I offer consultation services through Simple Things, produce a range of high quality pocket notebooks(including a Solar System Notebook, Space Notebook, and a Guitar Notebook), write about the Universe and run a responsive web design knowledge hub and a RWD Weekly Newsletter.