Mysource Matrix Demo System

The Surf the Dream site started out as a blogspot blog in 2005 but was moved over to a Mysource Matrix site when I started with Squiz UK in November 2007.

It started as a basic site with just 4 standard pages, but quick evolved to include

  • Asset Listings
  • Contact Form
  • Video Listings
  • Image Listings
  • Paint Layouts
  • Video Player
  • Blog
  • Enabled/Disabled Commenting
  • Dynamic Home Page Feed
  • Home Page Video Feature
  • Google Site Map
  • Google Video Map
  • Tag Clouds
  • Redirect Pages
  • Podcast Listings
  • Mashable Remote Content Pages
  • Image Gallery
  • Front End Video/Image uploading
  • Front End Page Creation
  • Simple Edit Interface for Blogs and Videos

As part of the ongoing work on this site there is still to come;

  • Post Roll Advertising on Videos
  • Improved Simple Edit for Related Asset Tagging
  • Multiple Designs
  • Multi-category Image Gallery
  • Server Side Javascript pulling news/vimeo/flickr feeds

If you want to see any other functionality features on the site please leave a comment below…. I’ll make sure I enable them.

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