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Is it illegal to park across someone’s driveway?


How frustrating is that!!!!

We have a car parking place in London that is included in our contact running the studios.

There are a few business that also are within the area we park, but there’s one that is always annoying.

The London kitchen

The Lndon Kitchen decides that it’s a great idea to park their car across a clearly marked NO PARKING area, blocking off access to the parking spot.

The first time this happened our car was trapped for two hours on a Friday night while we waited for someone to move the van before embarking on a 4 hour drive with a 18mth old.

Now it’s Sunday evening and while I’d love to be relaxing at home with my family I’m instead waiting in the car park for someone to turn up and move the van so I can park in the space and go home for dinner.

It’s really not hard London Kitchen… A little bit of curtesy, a dash of common sense and a sprinkling of being able to read and follow clear directions.

I can only imagine the disasters that happen in the kitchen if they can’t follow basic instructions.

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