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Inktober is upon us again and I’m going to try and stick with it… AGAIN.

I think the key to making it through the month is to never, under any circumstances, look at #inktober2019 on instagram and compare your own artwork with the artwork that everyone else is doing.

There’s no quicker way to be motivated not to show your work than see how much worse your drawings can be next to people who are actually good at this stuff.

But that is the feeling that 99% of the people have in the world. When you get started with anything it will take a long time before you start to be ‘good’ at it. This goes for playing sport, a computer game, learning an instrument, working in a new job, learning a new language, and in this case drawing.

The key is that you should do it because you enjoy it and not worry about how good someone else is. Use their talents as an inspiration and the drawings as an aspiration rather than a comparrison.

If you’re learning something new, give your self time (I’m talking 6-12 months time doing it every day) before you decide that it’s not for you, but the main thing is continue to do it because if brings you hapiness.

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