Unformatted notes from a practical guide to creating web content workshop

Just a quick note that these are uncheck notes and may not be entirely accurate. If you think something is wrong, it probably is. I recommend you following @RellyAB and going to see one of her talks/workshops.

If you gleam anything as useful from this, you will learn a LOT more by checking it out in person.

**content strategy**

- write content once publish everywhere.
- devices are a fairy in the bottle, as awesome as it could be it won't until you let it out.
- mobility pushes technology

- content pushes technology

sites to review
- ecommenrce teapigs
- The good little company
- encyclopedia on an ordinary life (good pick up and read book)

*Keep in mind about the site*
- site personality
- level of knowledge that users will have arriving on the site.

Funnelback tool for a content audit. Audit pages. Like www.pagetrawler.com but MUCH better.

- Qualitative Audit - looking at the quality of the content.
to get there you need to do a

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