The operation couldn’t be completed. (WordPressKit.WordPressOrgXMLRPCApiError error 0.)

Every time I try and upload an image to WordPress using the iOS WordPress App I get this error…

The operation couldn’t be completed. (WordPressKit.WordPressOrgXMLRPCApiError error 0.)

Anyone have a fix?


  1. Having the same exact issue months after this post but just saw via search.
    Were you ever able to find a solution?

  2. Sorry Alana, no fix yet. I’m still getting the same issue and have stopped using the mobile app for uploading content and use the web interface on mobile instead.

  3. I use nginx as a reverse proxy in front of WordPress, and I needed to add the following to the server section for uploads to work from the iPhone:

    client_max_body_size 200m;

  4. I found a solution for this for me. When you’re logged in on the WordPress app, click on the user-icon at the top right. Choose App-settings in the menu, and then set max size for uploading images. I set 1300 x 1300 px.
    Voila, the image is uploaded and the error is gone…

  5. Thanks Frode! That did the trick! It even work with a higher resolution of 2400x2400px in my case

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