Mouth Blogging

It’s been awhile since I tried to do a mouth blog. I talked about it awhile ago in one of the posts about how to use your phone to take dictation so that you can write a blog post just while you talk.

When I tried it out last time I found it really hard to get punctuation into the sentences. Since then, however, that I’ve upgraded to a newer version of the iPhone, the latest iPhone 12 pro.

I’m not sure whether the improvement comes from the hardware in the new phone or whether or not it is an upgrade to the software which has improved the dictation capabilities.

Now that I come to think of it there is no way it would be the hardware. The only thing the hard way does is listen to my voice and process the information coming through.The iPhone 8 easily had enough processing power to do those things from a hardware point of view so it seems as though the upgrade to the latest iPhone software has done the trick.

I’m going to just post this as a mouse blog, without going back through and re-editing the content. Paragraph tomorrow when I wake up and have a read through the post it will give me a good idea as to whether or not the dictation has taken into accounts my mouth blog (okay so I did actually check that last sentence because it misinterpreted mouth blog to “massive log“)

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