Ideas are formed from other ideas

I’ve just read Scott Berkuns article about how “All ideas are made of other ideas. It was a short post, however I’d also seen his Keynote presentation on the same topic during the Web Directions Conference in London.

It got me thinking, at 8am, and this is what I managed to get out of my still cloudy early morning pre-dietcoke brain

If you looked at ideas in the same way that you look at an object you could postulate that you can continue to break the object down until you reach the core parts. The core parts then become the building blocks on which all other objects are built…. string theory for instance.

But /can/ you treat an idea in the same way as an object? I don’t think so.

Ideas are based on other ideas are based on other ideas…… They become an abstract thought in a myriad of minds where each person has their own understanding of how a single idea is broken down into other ideas.

Has anyone tried to take a single idea and map it back as far as it can go? It would be great to see it how it evolves and how the connections are drawn *heads off with pencil and paper*


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