Game 18 – Bucks 4’s @ Home

The final game of the year ended with a loss.

The Bucks 4’s team needed victory in the last game of the year to ensure that they were promoted from Division 8->7, and the final game happened to be against us (who had already clinched the division win and promotion).

We started well with Humpers and Tervet bowling out their 10 overs each in style to have the opposition at 4 for not many after 20 overs.

Fielding in at a catching cover I took two simple catches, the first a checked drive that barely ballooned to me; and the second a leading edge as their number 4 tried to whip the ball through mid wicket.

We ended up needing 189 after their lower order demonstrated some clean hitting towards the end, taking more than 120 of the second half of the overs.

We lost our first wicket early, and I felt pretty good in the middle with 4 4 4 4 1 4 my scoring shots before I attemped a quick single to midoff. I’d hit it a little too well and when their captain fielded it cleanly and hit the stumps with a direct hit it was all over for my season.

A shitty was to go, but the last two innings have felt really good off the back of actualy turning up to training and getting some practice in.

Next year the target will be 4x 50’s and 2×100’s with 2 not outs.

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