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If you’re anything like me you’ve probably got several domain names. My count at the moment heads into the late teens, but over the course of the next year I’ll let a few of those lapse.

The main issues I have is that I have 3 domains for myself. What do I mean by “myself”? Well lets have a look at each of them.

The three amigos

This started off in 2005 as a blogspot blog and before I bought the actual domain name. On the blogspot I wrote about everything. Journals of travel, photos taken, drunken nights out at bars etc etc. By 2007 I had bought the new domain and began to post heavily there using a new CMS I had learnt called Mysource Matrix. At the time I was working for Squiz UK who developed the CMS so it was partly me continuing to blog and partly learning how to use all of the features.

I recently redesigned this site (different from and have begun to write more on it as a result which is what has brought me here.

I bought this a long time ago and I was planning on having it pull through my social life into a single location. Pulling in Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Flickr, and all the other social networks into a kind of Dashboard about me.

When I moved from London back to my home town Darwin I started freelancing 1 day a week and decided that seeing as I was trading as myself that this would become my business website as well. For two years I blogged (irregularly) and developed the services and portfolio section and tried to work on the SEO so that local businesses could find me and utilise my services.

After a year I redesigned it a little bit and changed the name from Justin Avery to Javery Design because I felt that I could brand it a little bit better, plus it got away from looking as though it was all a one person show (which isn’t a bad thing, but certainly can be).

I bought javery design because that’s what I started trading under as part of my freelance work, but it has sat dormant because I never really made the decision as to which way to approach the sites.

The other other sites

So aside from looking at each of those sites I also run a few others. Most of them are personal interest sites or ones that I run with my fiancee (to try and bring her deeper into the web world) so don’t have any cross over, but there are two other sites that definitely do.

If you’re not already subscribed make sure you do, because I spend a heck of a lot of time curating the links each week. This one isn’t too bad because it’s about a specific topic and it curates the best links rather than create specific content about the subject. It also contains interviews with leading professionals in the industry, again it is specific to the topic of responsive design so it is okay.

That’s not to say that I don’t write articles about responsive design. On the contrary there are a few written on which I have twice featured in the responsive design weekly newsletter (and right or wrong felt a bit cheeky in doing so). There in another one that poses a few issues

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