A love letter to my website – DESK Magazine

A love letter to my website – DESK Magazine
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I love the sentiments of this post and it reinforces the reason I’ve been in a quest to publish something in this site every day.

Social networks are still for me though.

My twitter stream is where I enjoy my updates of what is happening in the world of my remote friends and colleagues, and I’m very strict at keeping the right people in and out of my feeds.

I post on Instagram occasionally, but my account is private because it’s for sharing with friends and not the rest of the world (although I get the irony that the images are on servers I don’t own or control and can probably be used for anything instagram see fit to use them for).

But, this is my home, my place. I can write what I want, and lay out this in anyway I see fit.

If you want to build your own little piece of the world but don’t know where to start then let me know. I won’t charge you to help (I also won’t pay for your domain or hosting either), but I can help you get over the hurdle of getting started on the web so you too can carve out your own little spot on the inter webs.

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