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You’ve been duped into thinking there was something at this URL when there really isn’t. I’ve built this site and moved some of that pages around and removed some of the others.

Seeing as we’ve got off on the wrong foot let me introduce myself. My name is Justin Avery and I work for a web agency in London as the Head of Technical Consultation. I provide advice to clients around developing their online business and produce technical solutions, specification and briefs for our development team to build, or back to the client to do inhouse.

Recently I’ve been writing about

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and am always looking to add more articles and visuals to the site.

Surf the Dream is a blog that has been running since the mid 2000's when it started on BlogSpot. Over the years it's been rebranded as (now my resume) and (which now redirects back to this site).

I offer consultation services through Simple Things, produce a range of high quality pocket notebooks(including a Solar System Notebook, Space Notebook, and a Guitar Notebook), write about the Universe and run a responsive web design knowledge hub and a RWD Weekly Newsletter.