Vic Lee’s Corona Diary 2020

You can pick up your copy on his store,, starting at just £50 + postage.

That pretty much breaks down to

  • UK = £55.00
  • Europe – £60.00
  • Rest of World – £70.00

This is a pre-order opportunity and there’ll be a bit of time between the last entry and having the books printed, bound and sent out (as I’m well aware of when producing notebooks).

The final page will be scanned on June 1st 2020, assembled and artworked ready for print. Creating the final book is dependent on the situation we are currently experiencing, but hopefully there should be a 4-6 week timeline of printing and finishing.

– from Vic Lee on his site

It looks like any pre-orders are going to contain a little something extra special which is pretty cool.

With this event likely to be the biggest thing that will have impacted the world in our lifetime, having a wonderfully illustrated document of the first six months is something that I’m looking forward to flicking through and looking back on.

Hopefully it will help illustrate the beginning on the end of the virus, and the beginning on a better world and a new way of living.

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