How to manage future products in Shopify

As you may be aware of I’ve started selling notebooks online. This started almost a year ago when I had the idea of putting together some notebooks that focused on the three tenets of responsive design… and from that was born the first set of 3 responsive design notebooks.

I didn’t just want to create a single set of notebooks with a single design though. Instead I wanted to create a suite of different notebooks that helped educate their owners on things that they might not understand, things that might not be aware of, or things they take for granted and that might help their friends/colleagues/clients understand concepts a little easier.

The first set of notebooks covered Responsive Design mainly because I had a large base of people that I speak to about responsive design on a weekly basis, around 27.5k folks, through Responsive Design Weekly. It was also because responsive design had become so passé… everyone thought they knew exactly what they were doing because they downloaded the latest theme from WordPress, or used Bootstrap or Foundation.

These notebooks were able to bring folks back to the three basic rules with diagrams on the inner page to illustrate the concept, and a quote at the back to hammer it home.

So I mentioned not wanting to create one set of notebooks… so I looked at other areas that I was interested in and decided to create a set of notebooks about colonising Mars and another set about the Solar System.

Having several sets of notebooks also makes your online store look a little bit more useful then just one product, but if you haven’t got them all printed then that could be an issue.

I started off by customising the product template to say “Preorder” rather than…..

More to this post coming!

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