Bombing of Darwin

As a born and bred resident of Darwin I wanted to create a minimalist visual that conveyed the story of the bombing of Darwin on 19th February 1942.

This was mocked up in photoshop and we’ll be going through the process of updating it to HTML. Everything you see can easily be replicated with CSS and only the use of a single image (the map of where Darwin was bombed under “The Attack” heading).

A poster detailing the bombing of Darwin
The bombing of Darwin

We can provide full resolution copies to anyone that would like to use this as a print.


  1. Hi I was wondering if I could get a hi res copy of your image ‘bombing of darwin’ I would like to use it for one of our messes on the base for ANZAC day this year. We are having a Bombing of Darwin theme and your image is great and we would really appreciate a printed copy for our display.

    Best regards,
    Peter Geffert

  2. Hi Peter,

    I’d be honored to help you out with something for ANZAC day. I’ve sent you an email to find out more information about what you need.



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