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Taking sketchnotes like a pro

Yesterday I came across a tweet from @intranation

and a talented wife he has indeed! has some fantastic sketch notes on display in this post and even more on her flickr stream.

I asked the question about how Amanda went about estimating the layout of the sketches, or whether she created a finished product later on from her initial notes…….

“I actually sketchnote during the session itself. I know that a 90 minute session will normally take up a whole A4 page and a 30 minute session will take up a third. If I’m running a bit short, I’ll try and make more notes or do bigger illustrations. If I’m taking up too much space, I’ll slow down a bit. You should be able to see the spacing vary between sketchnotes if you go to my Flickr set. Sometimes I’ll add in colours / shading afterwards if I’m really rushed but that’s all I’ll normally do post-talk.”

Amanda suggests checking out the presentation by Eva-Lotta Lamm below ….. and you can see more examples of her work at the bottom of this post.

Amandas Sketchbook Flickr Slideshow

Sketchbook Examples

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