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Weekly Update #2


Type Guide

DESIGN: I’ve never been quite sure which typeface is the best for which scenario. This poster doesn’t just convey the rules in plain english, it clearly shows you what you need to know. Another helpful resource I found was from Mark Boultons Designing for the Web book, and in particularl the chapter on Typography Heirarchy. Don’t skimp on the web version either, totally worth a purchase.[/one_third]



JAVASCRIPT: jQuery.fracs determines the current viewable area of the entire web page, and provides a refrence point map on the side of your page. Imagine zooming all the way into an image in Photoshop, but still having a small box with a preview of the image and another area shaded to show the spot you’re looking at. Doesn’t make sense? Well take a look for yourself. It would be great for a full sized map broken up into divs. Think World Map![/one_third]


Spy on Facebook

ANALYSIS: Be a little bit more successful than the characters from Spy vs Spy. These handy tips start with some developer work and getting your competitions social reach, moves onto bringing their content through Social Graph, keeps things moving by setting up RSS feeds to see updates rather than Like them, and finally see how to target advertising only to their Loyal Fans. They’ve got some Twitter techniques too![/one_third_last]

Welcome to all the new subscibers especially seeing as I had a bit of a mishap with the first mail out and my gmail integration. After a few hundred bounces, 19 unsubscribes and 1 complaint I found my account block and a please explain. It doesn’t matter now though, because here we are again and you’ve all resubscibed. Do me a favour though, if you think anyone of your collegues or friends would be interested, or recieved the last email and might want to continue to receive them, please forward this on to them so they can resubscribe.

This week I’ve had Chrome crash about 25 times on my new shiny OSX Lion install, so I can’t wait to get rid of all of the tabs that I’ve been keeping open to share with you.

I know that some of you are more interested in the Business advice than the Javascript or Design elements, so I’ve tried to keep them separate. Do youself a favour though and still click through to some of the areas that that you might not be used to. It’s adventageous to at least see the technical side of things even if you don’t understand how they occur…. and for you techies it’s also good to get a business perspective on why people want their websites.




Social Media



If you’re interested in using any of this in an upcoming project let me know, I might be able to lend you a hand.

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