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jQuery Socialist

jQuery Socialist Plugin

jQuery Socialist is a plugin that allows you to quickly and easily pull all of your social media channels into a single location and display them in a Pinterest styled layout.

To get this up and running you just need to head over to GitHub and download the plugin.

Check out the example over here.

This is running with the following configuration….

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
        networks: [
   //         {name:'facebook',id:'responsivewebdesigns'},
   //         {name:'rss',id:''},
  //          {name:'rss',id:''},
  //          {name:'craigslist',id:'boo',areaName:'southcoast'},

As you can see I’ve commented out a few of the lines simply because I don’t really want/need them. The Facebook is removed because I really didn’t like the way it was being rendered, and I think a little more work could go into the Twitter layout. I’m planning on doing a bit of work around those.

If you want something similar set up for your site and need some assistance I’m happy to help.

  • Thanks Justin for your response to my issues with this. Looks like the plugin works fine however if there is no link or picture in the post, ie content and just a status update then the plugin does not seem to retrieve and post the update with the others, not sure about a workaround for this but def explains why I was getting an almost empty feed

  • Chris Abplanalp

    I have downloaded this Socialist Social Media plugin and I cannot get the Facebook parameter to work. You mentioned you did not like the way it was rendering, did you actually get it to work. I tried a number of different IDs that are very active with posts but nothing pulls. Twitter and Youtube seem to work fine.

    • I don’t recall having any issues with Facebook other than the content/styling issues I mentioned.

      To be honest I have retried it for a while though some maybe some Facebook updates have caused some issues.

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